The Latin Express


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The Latin Express

is a brass and percussion ensemble of performers and musicians most of which are either current or former members of the world famous Hawthorne Caballeros. The Latin Express ensemble will include some of the best brass and percussionists of the Hawthorne Caballeros that will entertain and delight an audience.

The mission of The Latin Express will be to provide an organization in which individuals, working as a group, can continue their progression and growth as musicians and performers.

The Latin Express will try to offer a challenging environment, while never losing sight of the thrill we get from entertaining the crowd.

The Latin Express will attempt to create a stimulating experience by using different music styles and a wide variety of performance venues.

Although The Latin Express is without any limits to create our own history, we will always continue with the high level of professionalism, stay true to the traditions and remember the history of the Caballeros -- a legacy that made us who we are.